Client: Fashion ARE

Task: Website Design & Development

Fashion changes time to time and varies culture to culture. it is the sense of fashion which makes a person’s style never go out of time and makes it unique. Fashion defines the taste of people from various period of time where, style states the individual preference according to one’s personality. Style is the culture then Fashion tells the history.

Fashion ARE is establishing science 2009 to face challenge of open market competition. The designer’s greatest inspiration hails from the landscape, nature, flock motif and heritage of Bangladesh. Fashion ARE maker adoms a fusion of our traditional style and contemporary western style. So anything new experiment from this sagacious house is considered modem and dazzling to fashion lovers at home and abroad.

So considering the above,We are confident that our factory will be the right for the source of garment factory. Our door is always open for respected buyers and importers to visit the factory and if any inquiry that is small or big will be timely attended by our well experienced professional team.

Contact info

  • Adress
  • House # 15, Road # 8, Nikunja-2, Khilkhet Dhaka -1229, Bangladesh
  • Mobile
  • 01817 51 56 35, 01919 92 82 50
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